Will’s Wrap: Bathurst 1000

October 14, 2022 WDAdmin

How does a Race Weekend that starts with the threat of flooding and dangerous conditions affect you in the lead up?

Our preparation was so strong, we felt really good coming into the weekend and had a lot of hope for what was to come. You try not to keep the weather in your mind too much, but prepare for any of the scenarios we may have faced. We know we have a great, adaptable team that can produce a great car for whatever we are up against.

The Mountain was covered in fans who were braving the conditions, that must have brought a smile to your face knowing the support behind you?

It felt like Bathurst again, it had all the build up and excitement of years gone by without any restrictions this year. Knowing now how strong the audience was on TV and in Attendance it definitely was what we were feeling as Drivers and it is always so great to see the fans engaged and enjoying the sport. I cannot even imagine how much more packed it would have been had the weather of been fine throughout!

You would have been incredibly disappointed when the Shootout was cancelled to not have an opportunity to better your starting position which looked very likely?

The shootout with one lap and the place all to yourself is always such a highlight. We definitely could have improved our position and qualified further forward over one lap but that is just how it went for the weekend and not the way the story was meant to go. We had not made any mistakes at that stage and were feeling as confident as we could be if it went forward.

The Big Race itself, talk to us about what it was like to go through. Particularly not starting and having to watch on?

Bathurst as a Driver is not an easy spectator sport! You are always itching to be in the Car and contribute. Alex had started well though and kept us right in the hunt, he was terribly unlucky to run off with a lap to go before he pitted and it was always a recovery mission from that point onward. The data showed no difference lap to lap aside from some varying wind conditions so I feel for him immensely and his record for finishing Bathurst’s speaks for itself. I have kept thinking back this week to what could have been and the points that have gone missing after we were on for a 5th position or so but that is Motor Racing. I am just so proud of how the team stayed in the fight to keep trying to push us back forward.

Onto the Gold Coast next, after a break it is exciting to be returning. What are some things you love about having Racing at your home of the GC?

I cannot wait to get out Racing again, the fact it is the Gold Coast is even better and as my home it has been exciting to watch it all get pieced together in the lead up. It is a fast, challenging track with plenty of excitement for the fans. I hope to see you there!

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